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Reasons That Make HTML5 Training a Must

21 May 2012 |  Posted by Enrim Design |  0 Comment.

The advanced version of HTML is HTML5 that is looked up on as a real transformer. This edition of the Hyper Text Markup Language contains advanced features for developers like <video>, <audio> and <canvas>. HTML5 is so compelling that it prompted a top notch techie Vic Gundotra, VP of Engineering at Google, to say “The web has not seen this level of transformation, this level of acceleration, in the past ten years... we're betting big on HTML5.” With HTML5 being termed as the next big thing in the tech world we give you six gripping reasons to get started with it as soon....

Acknowledging the Modern Web Designing In Context to Traditional Concepts

03 May 2012 |  Posted by SEOTeam |  0 Comment.

The web design industry seems to have evolved effectively in the past few years. And there are growing speculations over other modern aspects trying to carve their niche in the industry elegantly. While the industry is excelling towards a new world of innovativeness in web designing, another aesthetic group believes in traditional ways to achieve its industrial goals through visual designs. An amalgam of both traditional and modern concepts of web designing has often been criticized by the experts of the industry. These criticisms have also been followed by misconceptions. Traditional concepts...

Seeking a Glimpse of Web Design

08 Mar 2012 |  Posted by SEOTeam |  0 Comment.

Since the advent of Internet marketing during 1990s, website design has become, undeniably, one of the most effective techniques of the industry. Since then, visitors surfing search engines not longer buy products or services just for the heck of it. A sale through search engines is based on a complex combination of various factors, one of which is credibility.  To build a successful business online, the website needs to exude safety, reliability and experience. Internet marketing in itself is a complete science of online business ventures which is comprised of various patterns. Graphics and designs...

Flamboyant V/S Expressive Graphic Design

02 Feb 2012 |  Posted by SEOTeam |  0 Comment.

Web development services and its other respective features have never been new to myths and other misconceptions in the industry. However, the industry of web development stayed resilient and fought back with zeal to undermine these existing irrelevant misconceptions widely held by a larger section of community across the globe. One of the most common subjects of the debate is website graphic design. A  large section of people believe in overtly expressing designing aspects while others choose to keep their sites comparatively stable with simple design services. Average attention span of an American...

Water & Sky Premium PSD Theme – FREE

05 Oct 2011 |  Posted by Enrim Design |  0 Comment.

Just because I am nice I decided to give away this premium template design absolutely free. Feel free to use it for your business and/or your clients. It was originally designed for a nonprofit organization, but can be used pretty much for anything.

24 FREE Email Templates

12 Sep 2011 |  Posted by Enrim Design |  0 Comment.

I know that online marketing can be a daunting task. That's why I decided to make it easier for you and give away 24 HTML email newsletter templates absolutely FREE.


27 Mar 2011 |  Posted by Enrim Design |  1 Comment.

I have been pretty unhappy about my blog themes so far, but I think I found my match. Finally! Enrim Design Blog now has a new sharp look. Please let me know what you think about it.

Logo Design Tips

03 Jan 2011 |  Posted by Enrim Design |  0 Comment.

I came across this article today: A logo design is created in order to achieve certain goals and objectives. The most essential of the objectives are simplicity, flexibility of design, and memorability. If a logo fails to fulfill any of these purposes, then it is incomplete. These features are the stepping stone of an effective logo design. Let us see how these goals can be achieved while designing Logos: Read More >> Though it would be useful to some folks :). Enjoy.

WordPress MU Site Examples

14 Dec 2010 |  Posted by Enrim Design |  0 Comment.

Once I found out about capabilities of Wordpress MU, I wanted to see some examples of it can do. Mozilla Firefox is using Wordpress MU! SEE MORE HERE>>

WordPress MU

14 Dec 2010 |  Posted by Enrim Design |  0 Comment.

A couple of days ago I had a meeting with a potential client who had some interesting requests. The client's company wants to expand its services to web design. And not just web design, but mass production of web design. I am talking thousands of websites a day. The problem is, they did not have the man power or technical skills to handle that kind of business.  The good thing is that all the websites didn't have to be custom. In other words, they could use the same template with some minor CSS/image/text changes and off they go! Now they just needed to have some kind of platform to manage everything. I...